Each business is unique and requires a unique solution to solve their marketing needs

Whether you are generating a leads driven campaign, a top of mind campaign or a print ad campaign the underlying foundation is critical to build upon.  With a solid foundation a marketing strategy can be developed to meet your unique needs.

The Discovery Process is a chance to dive deep into your current initiatives and see how we can build upon them to create a one of a kind solution for your business.  As your marketing and advertising specialists we will dive into the following:

What is my current marketing foundation?

  • Branding Elements
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform
  • Email Marketing Platform
  • Website
  • Website Landing Pages
  • Do I have a way to track lead sources via website or phone call?
  • Do the leads I generate automatically integrate with my CRM?


What are my current marketing initiatives?

  • Who is my ideal client and do I have a clear path on how to reach that client?
  • Do I use the marketing fundamentals of Website Content, Social Media, Email and Print Marketing?
  • What kind of content do I create? Graphics, PDF’s and/or Videos?
  • Do I take advantage of online profiles in my industry?
  • Do I have a follow up strategy for people I meet at networking events?
  • How do I engage and nurture a new lead, a current client or someone in my sphere?


Below are the suite of initiatives we will use to devise a winning strategy and Ascend Your Business Marketing. 

Initial Brand Assessment

We’ll perform an assessment, evaluating the current status of your brand and your recent marketing efforts to discover the effectiveness in achieving your objectives. This vital first step in brand strategy development is an imperative tool for identifying where your brand strengths and potential shortcomings are, laying a foundation upon which the next steps will be taken, determining your core values and assuring your advertising strategy and business plan are compatible and aligned.

Social Media Management

& Marketing

With people actively using social media and sharing with their networks daily, your brand has constant opportunities to reach and effectively engage with consumers through a social media marketing plan that is customized to your company’s needs, goals and capabilities. What platforms you utilize, content that is posting and interaction with followers are all vital elements of a well-constructed social media strategy that establishes authentic conversations with your community and target audience on a broader scale, creating market visibility, brand advocates and customer loyalty. We’ll help you expertly design and grow your social profiles both organically and using targeted advertising on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Uncorked Media Group can take the time-consuming hassle out of the day-to-day management of multiple social media accounts; think of us as HOA community management for your brand’s relationship marketing!

Email Marketing

The inbox is still golden and connecting with both your existing and potential customers ongoing is vital for every business to retain clients, encourage repeat business and engage with budding referrals through Newsletters and Email Marketing Campaigns. Newsletters are able to provide your network with a glimpse into your company’s developments while keeping your brand in mind for both their personal use as well as their potential referrals. Targeted Email Marketing is a direct marketing method to introduce your news, offers and opportunities to your target audience to not only help create awareness about your product or service but also generate attention from your leads. As your Email Marketing provider, we will facilitate the design of your rocking email campaigns, manage your subscriber mailing lists, help with any data mining and list acquisition to build your overall database, deliver your campaign messaging and supply you with results to ensure efficiency. We utilize the most effective email marketing software and a dynamic strategy customized for your brand for maximum engagement and growth, all while saving you revenue from not having to use internal resources to have these services managed.

Content Videos

Content videos are a great way to add movement to your digital marketing initiatives.  Through content videos you can celebrate milestones, explain a complex product or procedure, pitch an new idea or concept or simply just promote your business.  With templated and custom options available, content videos are a great addition for any marketing solutions.

Top 10 Reasons To Use Content Videos!

Website Content Updates

Your website is a living, breathing marketing engine that requires constant attention.  The updates not only inform and educate the viewers but it also demonstrates activity which is a plus in the eyes of Google.  With fresh content, hyperlinks and overall updating your website updates creates organic SEO.

Printing and Direct Marketing

Big or small, we can design and print it all! We offer a one-stop-shop for your design and printing projects, promotional products, custom apparel and trade show booths to full identity packages. Our team can design and print your business cards, brochures, postcards, direct mailers, fliers, posters, door hangers and banners, etc. We can also manage or customize a direct mail system for your marketing pieces or facilitate distribution of your products through relationships we have with an orchestra of distribution vendors, ensuring the delivery of your product to the consumer through a variety of platforms. Is there somewhere you want to saturate with your marketing? Let us know and we’ll provide you with the best opportunities to help your business be seen there.

Graphic Design

Brands of today require modern design which showcase your media to deliver a consistent, credible, compelling experience across all platforms that engages with your target audience and makes a memorable impression. Our understanding and creativity of original designs capture interaction while maintaining high quality standards throughout the crafting of alluring layouts which depict the uniqueness of your brand. Our team of professional graphic designers perform a full cycle of on line and off line design for web and print marketing, including brand development, logos, business cards, brochures, media kits, digital and print advertisements, posters, billboards, trade shows, banners, invitations, direct mailers, door hangers and more!

Lead Generation Tatics

Leads bring in new business that can them become repeat clients. Whether you are looking for leads for your own business or to distribute to your clients we can devise a strategy to capture and nurture until they are ready to buy.  A few winning tactics include Facebook  and LinkedIn marketing, Facebook and digital remarketing, digital advertising and targeted print ad marketing.

Media Planning and Buying

In order for your business to be successful, you should have print and/or digital campaigns consistently running for either targeted branding or lead generation purposes.   Don’t know who your customers are or who you should be marketing to? We’ll help you find out. Additionally, through our industry experience and relationships, we know where there are opportunities to negotiate better rates to provide coverage and placements through less of an overall cost.  Our objective is to research, identify, select, negotiate and buy the correct media through intentional marketing vehicles which will successfully deliver your messaging to your target market and audiences through the most cost-efficient solutions available. The collaborative success from our campaigns will be measured through awareness, ad recall, novelty numbers, web visits and clicks and conversion.

If you have an existing media plan, we will analyze your advertising for effectiveness and educate you regarding areas where adjustments or improvements can be made to increase momentum, cost efficiency and overall results. 

We also offer marketing and media consulting as standalone services to research markets/audiences, develop strategy and audit for performance evaluation, without the negotiating and media buying steps included. 

Media Relations

Public perception is often reality and it’s imperative that your business brand maintain as authentic of a reputation in your community, market and online as possible because the public and internet audience consists of consumers who are your past, current and future clients. The good news is that through your marketing and advertising, you control a large part of the messaging and how your company is seen and valued. As your media agency, we will contact and coordinate with the appropriate media and community relations contacts on your behalf through such items as press releases and media press kits regarding timely business developments, community relations and accomplishments, etc. With online reputation management, your brand must engage with any and all reviewers in a timely manner, both positive or negative. 

Events and Engagement Marketing

Companies are constantly competing for recognition and remembrance. We help plan and implement well-executed events and strategic programs to keep both your customers and potential customers interested and connected with your business. Creating authentic interactions at your place of business or in the community will capture the attention of potential consumers and make them feel like individuals and not as part of the herd. Though the digital world has put seemingly everything at our fingertips, we shouldn’t disregard that we all live, eat, breath, love, work, play and consume as individuals. Therefore, when your Internet marketing properly leverages traditional methods such as direct marketing as part of your overall strategy, it provides superior results.

Are you ready to start the Discovery Process and create a unique marketing strategy? 

Send us a note and let us know what your ultimate marketing goal is and what current initiatives you are taking to get there.

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