Within the traffic jam of media, your business marketing needs a carpool lane.


Regardless the size of your business, we recognize that there are common solutions and services needed which are imperative for your company to boost revenue and brand value through profitable marketing campaigns. It’s likely that you already know where your brand is in need of assistance or a presence, and we have the capabilities and tools to provide your promotional road map and take action. As an integrated marketing firm, our services canvas the gamut of marketing activities in which we will work in conjunction with, or in place of, your in-house CMO or Marketing Director, allowing you to employ expert leadership as part of your team to manage tasks through implementation, taking the guesswork out of your marketing.

As your marketing and advertising specialists we will:

  • Assess your marketing needs and ideas for growth.
  • Formulate customized advertising programs that specify the steps and resources required to reach out to your determined target markets.
  • Select the most suitable strategies that range from traditional media to digital marketing.
  • Choose the best ways to implement these plans and track progress and results while reaching your goals.

We know your marketing dollars are valuable and our objective is to make where those dollars are invested count. Imagine a scenario where all your marketing, advertising, promotional communications and materials are handled seamlessly from concept, to completion, and everything in between. Uncorked Media Group was constructed to save you time and budget, providing you peace of mind through partnering with one talented team.

Please see below to grasp a better idea of what all we can do for your brand through Ascending Business Solutions.

Initial Brand Assessment

We’ll perform an assessment, evaluating the current status of your brand and your recent marketing efforts to discover the effectiveness in achieving your objectives. This vital first step in brand strategy development is an imperative tool for identifying where your brand strengths and potential shortcomings are, laying a foundation upon which the next steps will be taken, determining your core values and assuring your advertising strategy and business plan are compatible and aligned.

Brand Development

Image is everything and the term ‘brand’ serves as the lifeblood of everything associated with your product or service. Your brand is the identity, heart and soul of your company and is about much more than just how your company looks; it’s about values, strategy, positioning, messaging and creating the opportunity to tell your story. How consumers perceive or interact with your product or services subconsciously becomes their expectation of your brands personality and performance. Not all companies know who they truly are nor how they should portray themselves to make an impacting impression. Our approach is to plant the right roots of a successful brand through fusing all it’s parts, unifying all usages of your brand elements, streamlining them and boosting the final result, cultivating new life for your blossoming business image. We will help develop, refine or rejuvenate your businesses brand to stand out in your marketplace and engage with your customers through your marketing, positioning your product and services for consistency and sustainability to grow your market share. Whether you’re looking to brand a new business or looking to re-brand an existing image, we can help from designing a corporate identity package to refining existing logos and branding materials.

Website Design and Development

If you build it, they will come! Your website is the foundation of your internet presence and the online hub for your brand identity, advertising and marketing funnels, educating prospects, generating leads and driving sales. Before your clients visit you in person, they visit you online and form an opinion of your product or service. We make sure this crucial first impression is memorable and effective through creating a unique, visually captivating website that coincides with your brand identity and target audiences, is easy to navigate, captures interest, creates leads through incorporating a strong call to action throughout and encourages simplified client interaction. Each responsive, modern website is designed to be eye-catching on all devices and formats infused with fresh graphics created by a professional website design team with loads of industry experience, enhanced for full engagement and maximum traffic flow. Our diverse web design services include small business design, corporate website design, website redesign, e-commerce website design and information based web design, along with blogging and content writing services that include blog writing, advertisement banner content, article writing, website content, promotional writing, etc. With your website being the best money-making machine you have for your business, serving as the foundation to increase lead submissions and conversions, don’t settle for an ineffective site.

Media Planning and Placement

One advertising medium simply can’t deliver results compared to what a proper media mix can and we’re highly in tune with the latest industry trends to lead you down the best paths. We will help you build brand awareness, drive ROI and make better informed, effective decisions regarding your cycles of integrated marketing planning and media buys. As your professional planners, we will research, develop, negotiate and execute a strategic and precise media plan to determine an effective combination of advertising for your particular business, industry, service or product to achieve your campaign objectives and goals. Within this comprehensive media strategy of traditional and digital media that are mindful of your predetermined budget parameters, we’ll identify crucial elements such as aligning your brand and creative messaging, media audience mirroring your target audience, media effectively reaching your target area and geographic market and measuring your media mix to verify it’s producing the intended results. Don’t know who your customers are or who you should be marketing to? We’ll help you find out. Additionally, through our industry experience and relationships, we know where there are opportunities to negotiate better rates to help provide coverage and placements through less of an overall cost. If you have an existing media plan, we will analyze your advertising for effectiveness and educate you regarding areas where adjustments or improvements can be made to increase momentum, cost efficiency and overall results.

Social Media Management

Your social media networks are excellent resources to cross-market your business while showcasing unique elements of your brand, establishing credibility to both potential clients in different ways from your other marketing but also to build a faithful following of repeat clients and referrals. With a vast majority of consumers being extremely active on their preferred networks daily as part of our culture, the power of social media online networking is strong when harnessed correctly and has become an essential part of any well-rounded marketing plan. If you’re unsure of which social media outlets are right for your brand, how your pages should look, how to interact with other users or what should be posted, we can help you determine these vital decisions. Additionally, if you have social media networks established but they aren’t active each week with a planned campaign of calculated new posts with engaging content that are branding facets of your company and interacting with current and potential clients, you can actually be harming your brand and losing revenue. Through our expertise in the field, we will establish, populate, grow and manage your social media presence to help improve your overall brand footprint within social media to expand and receive the most out of your networks by maintaining your current clients and assisting to generate new ones. Many businesses understand the importance of expanding and growing their exposure through social networking but simply don’t prioritize it nor make the time investment. Uncorked Media Group can take the time-consuming hassle out of the day-to-day management of multiple social media accounts; think of us as HOA community management for your brand’s relationship marketing!

Social Media Marketing

With people actively using social media and sharing with their networks daily, your brand has constant opportunities to reach and effectively engage with consumers through a social media marketing plan that is customized to your company’s needs, goals and capabilities. What platforms you utilize, content that is posting and interaction with followers are all vital elements of a well-constructed social media strategy that establishes authentic conversations with your community and target audience on a broader scale, creating market visibility, brand advocates and customer loyalty. We’ll help you expertly design and grow your social profiles both organically and using targeted advertising on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest, etc. to boost your website funnel’s exposure and messaging, bring you in touch with new clients, create more interaction with the clients you already have and provide you with more convertible leads from your network. Turn your network into net worth!

Application Development

Mobile Apps can reap substantial rewards to businesses whom are willing to prioritize building, promotion and having them properly managed. We work with you to be clear about your objectives and desired functionality from the start, developing a strategy around them for your own mobile app, bringing custom features to life through creative designs and applications that are responsive and tuned specifically for mobile phones and tablets. Constructing an app that demonstrates value with your customers will benefit your business product or service and help you stand apart from your competition, while often saving time and resources internally while improving efficiency through automating processes. Please reach out to us to discuss how the creation of your own mobile app can benefit your business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As times continue to change, so do the ways that clients find the services and products they are needing. Technologically savvy people are accessing information in different ways now and it’s imperative that your brand is staying in front of prospects at every opportunity when they are searching online for your services or type of business. We provide a full cycle of SEO services, handling the technical and content aspects of you website to produce more visibility and click-throughs for your funnel that convert sales from leads and phone calls. Our SEO services are yielded from a strong, well-researched understanding of major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo and how their algorithms work and allowing your website the most timely opportunities to be discovered. We formulate a strategy with your company’s specific needs to uncover the most relevant industry search terms and keywords to optimize and boost performance to help your site climb rankings and gain an edge on your competition, improving the overall volume and quality of your website traffic. With an ever-expanding market making it more challenging to contend with online competitors, SEO is now on the required list for practically every company with an online presence. Contact us and we’ll conduct a free SEO site audit to provide you with an understanding of your site’s overall SEO status and rankings, using this as a launching pad for improvement and platform for your SEM.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Your website rankings and strategic positioning on the major search engines can have a significant impact on your bottom line and your overall business success. With many prospective customers not progressing past the first page of results for what they’re searching for online, it’s imperative that your business be seen prominently when timely through a customized, ongoing program of targeted keyword, sponsored and paid search areas which are managed daily by a professional digital team. We can assist you with drastically improving your site’s positioning in the major search engines, bettering your website ranking and helping to drive traffic, monitoring clicks and evaluating overall traffic through various campaigns to determine the most impact for your website. We’ll show you where you stand and where we’ll be driving you to be both targeted and accurate, as well as helping you with enhancing your free Local Business Listings in organic search areas, to appear in Google Maps, Yelp and Yahoo Local, etc.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing and Ad Management

Pay Per Click Marketing is a simple concept based around a more detailed process where you only pay for advertising when someone clicks on your ad and subsequently visits your website, working in conjunction with your organic SEO generated traffic. On the surface, the goal is to position your business in front of potential customers at the precise moment when they are looking for your product or service in your market and niche. On a deeper level, PPC is an unparalleled marketing and analytics tool that helps manage your targeted advertising, track your daily spending and measure conversions through controlling which people can find you, how they will find you, and how much you spend to be found. With the proper research, measuring, adjusting and marketing strategy, PPC can be an excellent business-building tool and shortcut to get in front of consumers with immediate effect through profitable campaigns. As much as Google would like you to believe so, PPC is not DIY; much like gambling, you may have some isolated wins, but in the end, the house always is the winner. Only PPC professionals who are masters at building a careful, intelligent strategy while keeping your brand in mind through keyword and market research, webmaster tool analytics, market trends, competitive analysis, A/B testing, etc. should be trusted to produce the most ROI attainable, making sure your budget is being allocated and spent properly to maximize profits. Our team has consistently run successful PPC campaigns that outperform other marketing and have improved ROI across the board. Contact us today for a free PPC budget analysis to determine your target budget to stay ahead of your competition and how we can help decrease your cost per lead.

Graphic Design

Brands of today require modern design which showcase your media to deliver a consistent, credible, compelling experience across all platforms that engages with your target audience and makes a memorable impression. Our understanding and creativity of original designs capture interaction while maintaining high quality standards throughout the crafting of alluring layouts, designs and illustrations which depict the uniqueness of your brand. Our team of professional graphic designers and illustrators perform a full cycle of online and offline graphic design for web and print marketing, including brand development and identity packages, logos, business cards, brochures, media kits, digital and print advertisements, posters, billboards, trade shows, banners, invitations, direct mailers, door hangers, illustrations, magnets and more!

Email Marketing

The email inbox is still golden and connecting with both your existing and potential customers ongoing is vital for every business to retain clients, encourage repeat business and engage with budding referrals to acquire new clients through Newsletters and Email Marketing Campaigns. Newsletters are able to provide your network with a glimpse into your company’s developments while keeping your brand in mind for both their personal use as well as their potential referrals. Targeted Email Marketing is a direct marketing method to introduce your news, offers and opportunities to your target audience to not only help create awareness about your product or service but also generate attention from your leads. As your Email Marketing provider, we will facilitate the design of your rocking email campaigns, manage your subscriber mailing lists, help with any data mining and list acquisition to build your overall database, deliver your campaign messaging and supply you with results to ensure efficiency. We utilize the most effective email marketing software and a dynamic strategy customized for your brand for maximum engagement and growth, all while saving you revenue from not having to use internal resources to have these services managed.

Media Analysis, Research and Buying

In order for your business to be successful, you should have print and/or digital campaigns constantly, consistently running for either targeted branding or lead generation purposes. Our objective is to research, identify, select, negotiate and buy the correct media through targeted marketing vehicles which will successfully deliver your messaging to your target market and audiences through the most cost-efficient solutions available. We’ll perform a complete review of where your business invests its marketing efforts, advertising dollars as well as your market, who your target audience is, where they live and how they receive your brand communication. We appreciate that results-oriented advertising campaigns are critical to our clients’ success, thus we use our industry experience and relationships with both qualitative and quantitative research to properly evaluate, pinpoint and effectively buy the best fits for placement in your market based on a customized strategy that aligns with your brand objectives. Our team has the skills and savvy to assist you in properly integrating traditional media channels such as print, billboard, TV and radio combined with new media outlets like web, SEO, email, social media to yield superior results. The collaborative success from our campaigns will be measured through awareness, ad recall, novelty numbers, web visits and clicks, ROI and conversion. We also offer marketing and media consulting as standalone services to research markets/audiences, develop strategy and audit for performance evaluation, without the negotiating and media buying steps included, if desired. If you feel that you may have previously allocated marketing resources on irrelevant audiences or advertising mediums, let us conduct a media analysis of your current buys and media mix to understand where we can help you position the right messaging to the right audience the right amount of times to better enhance your brand exposure and increase response, moving forward.

Media Relations, Public Relations and Online Reputation Management

Public perception is often reality and it’s imperative that your business brand maintain as authentic of a reputation in your community, market and online as possible because the public and internet audience consists of consumers who are your past, current and future clients. The good news is that through your marketing and advertising, you control a large part of the messaging and how your company is seen and valued. However, added to that mix are wrinkles such as public and media relations as well as your online reputation through review sites and social media. As your media agency, we will contact and coordinate with the appropriate media and community relations contacts on your behalf through such items such as press releases and media press kits regarding timely business developments, community relations and accomplishments, etc. that allow your public brand image to be positively reflected. With online reputation management, your brand must engage with any and all reviewers in a timely manner, both positive or negative. By responding to positive reviews, you can build customer loyalty and increase the chance of repeat business and referrals and by responding to negative reviews, you afford yourself the chance to get dissatisfied reviewers to change, edit or even delete their review while winning them back as customers. Your online reputation being tarnished can drive customers away permanently; our reputation management team can help diffuse these stressful situations if or when they arise, providing powerful tools that are simple to use to quickly assess any damage and help return your brand back to being viewed in a positive light, sometimes removing the negative impacts altogether.

Printing and Distribution

Big or small, we can design and print it all! We offer a one-stop-shop for your design and printing projects, promotional products, custom apparel and trade show booths to full identity packages. Our team can design and print your business cards, brochures, postcards, direct mailers, fliers, posters, door hangers and banners, etc. We can also manage or customize a direct mail system for your marketing pieces or facilitate distribution of your products through relationships we have with an orchestra of distribution vendors, ensuring the delivery of your product to the consumer through a variety of platforms. Is there somewhere you want to saturate with your marketing? Let us know and we’ll provide you with the best opportunities to help your business be seen there.

Photography and Video Development

The adage says that a picture is worth a thousand words; our goal is to make sure that many of those words are about wanting to buy your product or service. Professional photography that showcases your business and brings your products to life can provide you with a profitable advantage in how your brand is seen and valued by your target audience. Through technology advances, videos are now everywhere and can be used as an influential tool when developed and properly integrated into your business marketing and advertising strategy. Our team can help produce video content for you, ranging from small social media shorts to full-scale commercial productions. Contact us for a free analysis of your photography and video integration marketing needs.

Analytics and Results

Tracking the success of your various marketing campaigns through metrics is paramount in determining what future directions your business should proceed in. We measure marketing to verify effectiveness and results of overall campaign performance when applicable from both your traditional and digital media advertising, how they work together, providing regular reporting on digital campaigns and flexibility to make necessary adjustments for increased conversion rates. We’ll work in conjunction with you to establish performance metrics for each of your media placements, track them and report ROI to determine their impact. Additionally, as the marketing world continues to change and evolve, so does the way you do business and how your marketing and advertising showcase your brand. Just like your car needs scheduled routine maintenance, your marketing does too through periodic assessments, reviews and annual overhauls. Smart business requires assessments and adjustments and these assessments require data from your team, your marketing and from your customers. We’ll take the lead with scheduling these milestones, organizing and understanding this data through analytics to help make the most well-informed decisions that influence your continued marketing and advertising strategy.

Events and Engagement Marketing

Companies are constantly competing for recognition and remembrance and you get only moments to be remembered for the right reasons by your ideal customers. You want to provide ongoing opportunities for your audience to become involved and excited about your brand culture and standards against your competitors. We help plan and implement well-executed events and strategic programs with your brand image and values as the focus to keep both your customers and potential customers interested and connected through knowing the right pathways of engagement and what groups of consumers to lead down these paths. Creating authentic interactions at your place of business or in the community that align with clients’ desires and concerns will capture their attention as consumers trust and want to give their business to companies who speak to them as individuals and not as part of the herd. Though the digital world has put seemingly everything at our fingertips, we shouldn’t disregard that we all live, eat, breath, love, work, play and consume as individuals. Therefore, when your Internet marketing properly leverages traditional methods such as direct marketing as part of your overall strategy, it provides superior results.

If you have marketing on the mind, we already have a lot in common. Let’s meet soon and get to know each other!